Safety Policy

The Health and Safety Policy of our company. follows the Standards of the Occupational Health and Safety Act.  and we try to maintain a safe and injury/illness free work place.

4Front Projects’s  policy that accident prevention be a prime concern of all employees. This includes the safety and well being of our employees, contractors, and customers. As well as the prevention of wasteful, inefficient operations.  and damage to property and equipment.

Our objectives are:

  1. Compliance with legal requirements through good occupational health and safety performance.
  2. Establish and maintain a safe and healthy working environment.
  3. Reduce significant risks arising from work activities under our control.


  1. Develop appropriate occupational health and safety procedures, and safe working practices.
  2. Include the management of health and safety. as a specific responsibility of managers at all levels.
  3. Ensure this policy implemented throughout the organisation.
  4. Involve employees in health and safety decisions through consultation and co-operation.
  5. Maintain workplaces under our control in a condition that is safe and without risk to health.
  6. Review compliance with the policy and the management system that support it.
  7. Provide information, instruction and supervision to enable all employees to avoid hazards. and contribute to their own health and safety at work.
  8. Ensure that employees receive appropriate training. and are competent to carry out their designated responsibilities.